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Playstation proudly presents the group exhibition Present Tense, with new work by artists who have already exhibited their work in Playstation before.

The photographs of Jeroen Hensing clearly illustrate the two extremes of his artistic project. Hensing takes photos of suburbanisation by night as well as registrations suggesting they are too, but that prove to be reconstructions at closer inspection. In his work Hensing makes use of the psychological tension generated by our surroundings in the absence of human beings and of the way the human system of contributing meaning works.

Lucas Lenglet uses different kinds of media that are usually put together as a site specific intervention. The photograph shown in Present Tense is a relic from the project Shamming the Shack Lenglet realised for Playstation in 2002. In this overall-installation he represented themes like security and the aesthetics of violence in a very personal vocabulary. The photowork is exemplary for the ever present paradox in his work: physical oppression and ephemere escape.

In his drawings, Marijn van Kreij comments on the design of our everyday life: in large scale drawings he abstracts architecture and interiors, layer by layer, until only coded references to the original spaces remain.

Heimir Björgúlfsson's drawings, photos and sculptures easily betray his Icelandic roots. References to nature and to nature's cycle of prime and decline are almost always present in his work. In his contribution to this exhibition, the irrevocable reciprocity and imperturbable processes of nature are at the centre of his work as well.

is the name of the contribution of Pablo Pijnappel to Present Tense. His installation, consisting of slides, audio and a poster work is partly based on an existing email correspondence and investigates the influence of dislocation on memory and communication. As his other film works do, shows Pijnappels subtle feeling for combinations of words and image, narrative and association.

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PLAYSTATION: ‘Present Tense

mit Heimir Björgulfsson, Jeroen Hensing, Marijn van Kreij, Lucas Lenglet, Pablo Pijnappel