press release

Playstation proudly presents a solo exhibition by Danish artist Jakob Kolding (1971, Albertslund). The past years, Kolding participated in many international group exhibitions (a.o. Zero Gravity at Kunstverein Düsseldorf in 2001, Center of Attraction in Vilnius in 2002, GNS in Palais de Tokyo, and Utopia Station in Venice in 2003). He had solo exhibitions at a.o. Nicolai Wallner (Copenhagen), Martin Janda (Vienna), Cubitt (London), and Marres (Maastricht). Kolding lives and works in Berlin.

The formal language of Jakob Kolding is a somewhat familiar one: that of modernism. While recent artistic production seems to focus on re-interpretations based on emphatically aesthetic motivations, Kolding engages himself with the social-economic aspects of the modernist project. His cut-and-paste collages (usually in black and white, recently also with use of color) explicitly refer to the historic avantgarde and Russian constructivism, and investigate the way our urban environment developed out of modernism - in relation to the individual. Born and raised in a typical rigidly-planned Copenhagen suburb, Kolding focuses on the contemporary social-economic consequences of utopian city planning from the '50s and '60s. In his collages, the artist introduces elements originating from urban low culture: skateboarders, DJs, and graffiti. In a playful manner, the artist ties the cut-and-paste methods of the historical avantgarde, as well as statements from architecture theory to the sampling strategies of contemporary hiphop and electronic music.


PLAYSTATION: Jakob Kolding