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ms2, 19 Ogrodowa St., Lodz

Almost all avant-garde movements declared their internationalism and lack of interest in national, ethnic and religious differences. Avant-garde artists felt – and were indeed – members of a great, progressive International. Their ideology was directed towards the future and their artistic practices usually manifested the moments of defying cultural past. Therefore, analysing avant-garde as related to the native cultures of its artists might seem unjustified. But is it really?

The exhibition focuses on the identity of an avant-garde artist of Jewish origin as well as the impact of this identity on an artwork. The exhibition is aimed at showing a wide range of attitudes: from modernising attempts at creating 'new national Jewish art', to the cultivation of avant-garde ethos, but only within one's own environment, to assimilation, rejection of the context of one's own culture, identification with Polish or international avant-garde scene. The exhibition presents works by Jung Yiddish artists (Jankiel Adler, Marek Szwarc, Moses Broderson), works by artists related to the expressionism (Henryk Gottlieb), to the Constructivist movement (Henryk Berlewi, Teresa Zarnower, Samuel Szczekacz) and to surrealist group "artes" (Ludwik Lille, Marek Wlodarski), as well as the radical left-wing Grupa Krakowska (Jonasz Stern, Sasza Blonder).

Curated by Joanna Ritt and Jarosław Suchan

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Pole, Jew, Artist. Identity and Avant-garde
Kuratoren: Joanna Ritt, Jaroslaw Suchan

Künstler: Jankel Adler, Marek Szwarc, Moses Broderson, Henryk Gottlieb, Henryk Berlewi, Teresa Zarnower, Samuel Szczekacz, Ludwik Lille, Marek Wlodarski, Jonasz Stern, Sasza Blonder ...