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Since 1989 Central and Eastern European countries have experienced great political and social changes, with their system being switched from communism to capitalism.ハ It can be said that the メPositioningモ is still going on at present, even though more than ten years have passed.

In this exhibition we present the contemporary art from four countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.ハWe exclude the works of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, for the area has been under different circumstances from those four countries.ハ We focus especially upon the メcontemporaryモ art, introducing the workscreated by artists who appeared in or after the year of revolution.

Ten artists and one art group join in theexhibition.ハ Approximately 70 works in total were chosen from various genres, such as paintings, photographs, sculpture, motion pictures, etc.

Some of these art works might be regarded to be close to western contemporary art.ハ However, it is obvious that drastic changes did occur in their art system, social position, and in their view point of art. In these works, the daily motifs, themes and materials of the region are used, so we can glimpse the various aspects of life in the area.ハ At the same time, we see the flexible and diverse approaches of the artists to that reality.ハ Thus the contemporary art of this region reveals a fresh and profound approach which makes us interpret it in diverse ways, destroying stereo-types.

We hope that this exhibition which introduces the reality of an area previously unknown will result in active exchanges in art culture and social inter-action.


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In the Reality of Europe: Art from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

mit Pawel Althamer, Azorro , Miroslaw Balka, Pavlina Fichta Cierna, Kristof Kintera, Antal Lakner, Csaba Nemes, Ilona Nemeth, Mila Preslova, Agnes Szépfalvi, Artur Zmijewski