press release

Literally by Liam Gillick (British, b. 1964), a sculpture and wall drawing designed for the public space at MoMA QNS, is a two-fold project that revolves around the interrelationship between economics, ethics and aesthetics in modern society. Gillick's reflections on this subject, which he developed in relation to his recently published Literally No Place, take as their point of departure a utopian design for post-war society. The repeated powder-coated aluminum lettering constituting the hanging cube and the landscape evoked in the design and the earthen colors of the wall drawing refer to the Californian setting of an experimental commune described in B. F. Skinner's Walden 2. However, just as in Gillick's textual work, these specific references in this installation mark the beginning of an engagement with the more abstract ideas evolving around the politics of space. This project will be accompanied by a brochure designed by Gillick with text by the artist and the project's curator, Claudia Schmuckli, Assistant Curator, Department of Chief Curator at Large.

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Projects 79: Liam Gillick - Literally
Kuratorin: Claudia Schmuckli