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Klara Liden (Swedish, b. 1979) creates architectural interventions and installations by cannibalizing existing structures and materials, such as cardboard, corrugated metal, drywall, wood, and carpet remnants. With a spirit of activism and rebellion, Liden rethinks the places we inhabit and builds spaces that deviate from their normal functions. In addition, the artist makes videos that challenge accepted codes of behavior. Brimming with physical intensity and ferocity, Liden performs illicit acts for the camera, from the methodical destruction of a bicycle to an eccentric dance on a crowded Stockholm commuter train. For Projects 89, the Berlin-based artist creates a site-specific installation in the Museum's Projects gallery.

Projects 89: Klara Liden is organized by Eva Respini, Assistant Curator, Department of Photography.

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Projects 89: Klara Liden
Kurator: Eva Respini