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Artists Space is pleased to announce a survey of work from Mexicali Rose, a community media center and gallery in the Mexican border city Mexicali. A nexus for cultural and personal exchange between artists, journalists, activists and filmmakers on both sides of the border, Mexicali Rose exemplifies the possibilities of 21st century hybridized culture through its pursuit of artistic expression grounded in barrio life. The work of the center has been recently featured in Artforum, May Revue, Mexico City’s Generacion, and media throughout Baja California.

Founded by Mexicali-born filmmaker Marco Vera in 2007 as an audio-visual workshop for neighborhood kids in border-adjacent Pueblo Nuevo, the workshop quickly expanded to include craft and trade classes, a community gallery exhibiting the work of local and international artists, a cinema club that showcases the work of Mexican and foreign filmmakers, and a radio station formed to provide a free and uncensored platform for local youth.

The exhibition features a wide range of work from this innovative space, including experimental and documentary films produced by the workshop; photographs and collages by Mexicali-based, international artists Pablo Castaneda, Carlos Coronado and Julio Torres; photographs by documentarians Rafael Veytia and Odette Barajas and Zeta journalist Sergio Haro, and an original mural created by Fernando Corona.

Concurrent with the exhibition, Artists Space presented the symposium The City Machine and Its Streets – Anomalous Ecologies on March 31-April 1, featuring conversations between renowned Mexico City writer and journalist Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez, Los Angeles writer and journalist Ben Ehrenreich, Zeta journalist Sergio Haro and Marco Vera, hosted by writer Chris Kraus.

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Radical Localism
Art, Video and Culture from Pueblo Nuevo’s Mexicali Rose

Pablo Castaneda, Carlos Coronado, Julio Torres, Rafael Veytia, Odette Barajas, Sergio Haro, Fernando Corona

Chris Kraus, Mexicali Rose, Richard Birkett