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Opening Reception: Saturday, September 13, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Regen Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition in two parts by Los Angeles based artist, Raymond Pettibon. Opening in September, Part I will feature seminal works from the 1980s, and will be his 7th solo exhibition at the gallery. This segment will highlight a range of topics including film noir, politics, hippie culture, religion, and music. Drawn in Pettibon's signature style, many of the assembled drawings were featured in Pettibon's early 'zines. The linear India ink drawings demonstrate a fluidity that nods both to comic influences as well as an overreaching exploration of American culture. The selected drawings in Part I assembled from private collections as well as the artist's and the gallery's archives. In December Part II of the exhibition will feature a selection of recent work, generally more densely layered and extremely worked, addressing topical issues of the day.

"One could also understand Pettibon's drawings as silent-film versions of film noir, a little as if an image in the position of a still had been carried back to the signifying situation of an intertitle. Pettibon's rough treatment of scenes, their provisional theatricality, and the harsh depiction of the action all appear to be a consciously anachronistic and awkward representation, which purposely keeps its distance from the ideal; it no longer trusts a glib promise, instead seeing a angular stage for images that are not so perfect." (Ohrt, Roberto, "The Abandoned Decades," in Raymond Pettibon The Books 1978-1998, published by D.A.P, New York, NY, p 43)

"Until around 1987 Raymond Pettibon used black ink almost exclusively and in many cases combined each drawing with a single phrase. Pre-1985 drawings are altogether simpler, stiffer, and more awkwardly drawn than later works. From around 1987 onwards the text increases and, more importantly, the punchlines which had marked some of the earlier works disappear. An atmosphere begins to develop of a specific state of suspension corresponding to what Raymond Pettibon calls the lyrical..Thematically a large portion of the drawings from the eighties refer to the American nightmare: disturbed sexuality, a cynical attitude towards women and the isolation of the phallus from the body as a whole, disillusioned adolescence, youthful revolt falling into senseless violence, Charles Manson, the Vietnam War, the Kennedy clan's lack of moral integrity…to these are added religious themes…and finally there are images relating to more metaphysical matters…Lines of text, often in the first person, accompany the illustrations with the razor-sharp vision of a humor both black and indifferent in tone." (Loock, Ulrich, "On the work of Raymond Pettibon," in Raymond Pettibon, published by Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, Switzerland, p. 10)

Raymond Pettibon's work has been the subject of numerous survey exhibitions worldwide. Monographs of his oeuvre are widely published. Pettibon received the Wolfgang Hahn Award in 2001 and the Bucksbaum Award for his participation in the Whitney Biennial.

An opening reception for Raymond Pettibon will take place on Saturday, September 13 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

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Raymond Pettibon