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1965-1975: Reconsidering the Object of Art was an exploration of one of the most influential periods in the development of contemporary art, when an increasing number of artists began to question the form, function, and meaning of a work of art. Fifty-five artists from the United States, Canada, and Europe whose work, although created in many different media and with widely varying intentions, had in common a challenge to fundamental premises about the object and objective of art. The exhibition, co-curated by Ann Goldstein and Ahmanson Curatorial Fellow Anne Rorimer, was the first major historical overview of this subject to be presented in the United States. The exhibition took place at the Temporary Contemporary. The bulk of the files for this exhibition are uncataloged and remain with the curator.

1965-1975: Reconsidering the Object of Art
Kurator: Ann Goldstein, Anne Rorimer

Künstler: Adrian Piper, Eleanor Antin, Allen Ruppersberg ...