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The idea of the exhibition is to look at drawing, its place and new meaning in contemporary art taking into account its diversity. It is an invitation to ponder together upon the issue. In every glossary of fine art terms one can read: “Drawing is a visual art in which a line is the basic form of expression”. It is necessary to add: line on the surface, shaping form two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional. That the way it has been through centuries, since cave paintings appeared. But let us concentrate first of all on the drawing in contemporary art. It is very significant that boundaries between art disciplines have been gradually disappearing. We think of a drawing and see artists, who don't reach out for a sheet of paper, but go outside. The line is essential here. It is no longer a drawing on paper, it becomes a drawing in space or on the ground. “Land Art” appears. Free line, used to shape forms on paper, in similar way separates, organizes, joins together often enormous spaces, takes them out of their commonplaceness, annexing to the space of art. Let us recall: Michael Heizer – lines curved in frozen surface of the lake, Robert Smithson – enormous “Spiral Jetty” on the bottom of the salt lake. These are the most known examples. There are much more, also smaller ones in space of art galleries. I encourage to look at drawing and its place in contemporary art from that point of view. Crossing the line between nature and a being created by an artist is a significant new value. Drawing, which was considered for such a long time as a bulwark of realistic and classical tradition, at some point have begun to be used to create new artistic beings. My intention is to show possibilities of drawing with “free” line, vibrating in existing space, creating a new one.

Andrzej Mroczek

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Reflections upon Drawing
Kurator: Andrzej Mroczek

Künstler: Pawel Baginski, Janusz Baldyga, Laura Castagno, Marek Chlanda, Milan Grygar, Istvaan Haasz, Jerzy Kalucki, Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Andrzej Lachowicz, Natalia LL, Miroslaw Maszlanko, Leonardo Mosso, Andrzej Peplonski, Pavel Richter, Diet Sayler, Gosia Turzeniecka, Ewa Zarzycka