press release

In their multi-media installations, artists use excerpts of digital communication, media or creative contents and discourses, re-align them, reflect and reposition them into different virtual and real media, and create new connections and narrations by way of self-programmed software or performative interventions. The result is on the one hand a critical engagement with the use of time-based communication structures, with the images and contents produced this way and their influence on society. On the other hand, they also show the fascination inherent in the multi-layerdness and complexity of time-based media, the freedom they allow viewers to enjoy the contents in different form and reflection, to enjoy the live created interweavings and connections, to even participate in the creation process itself. The interplay between the tones, the sound compositions and the interventions of the viewers creates an additional level on which the artworks communicate with each other, which in turn leads to the creation of new contexts.

16.01.2010 - 13.03.2010 Opening times: WED - SAT, 4 pm - 9 pm Julius von Bismarck: "Image Fulgurator" Cécile Colle & Ralf Nuhn: "Digital Communication" Julius von Bismarck & Benjamin Maus: "Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus" Tudor Bratu: "Conversation Piece" Benjamin Maus & Andreas Nicolas Fischer: "Reflection"

Reflective Interventions

Künstler: Cecile Colle, Ralf Nuhn, Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus, Tudor Bratu, Andreas Nicolas Fischer