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Delfina is pleased to announce Renderings, an exhibition of work by four international artists, drawing together themes of abstraction, modernity and contemporary urban life. In works that range from painting to sculpture and collage, Haluk Akakçe, Gareth Jones, Katja Strunz and Nicole Wermers explore materiality, architecture and design creating open, ambivalent forms, in a spirit of formalist experimentation that stands between representation and abstraction.

Haluk Akakçe’s giant wall drawing conjures up an illusionary space that both frames, and provides a centrepiece for the show. With architectural and geometric elements he creates an environment that is at once both real and imagined, taking his painting to spatial extremes. Katja Strunz’ sculptures may look rigid or emotionless but by reusing discarded or neglected materials in surprising ways she re-invigorates the work to create stark wall pieces and collages. Gareth Jones similarly works with unvalued materials and forgotten or unimportant objects, using a non-representational vocabulary of forms to create works with a simplicity of shape and construction. Nicole Wermers takes on contemporary reality, creating three-dimensional collages that combine elegant forms from the collected detritus of modern life. Her objects are at once aesthetic and useful, evoking costly design objects, as in her series ‘French Junkies’, sculptures in the form of ashtrays. Haluk Akakce, Gareth Jones, Katja Strunz and Nicole Wermers have all been awarded a residency at Delfina. Pressetext

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Haluk Akakce, Gareth Jones, Katja Strunz, Nicole Wermers