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Renoir's Women explores the enduring nature of Renoir's interest in women through his depictions of maternity, children, domestic settings and nudes. Known as one of the great masters of Impressionism, Renoir created works that are widely admired for their brilliant color and dazzling brushwork. This exhibition is the first to focus on Renoir's representation of women, one of his favorite subjects. The exhibition features approximately 25 key works, loaned from renowned museums, that reveal the breadth of Renoir's vision during all phases of his career while illuminating the place of women in his art. First in a series of exhibitions inspired by works in the permanent colleciton of the Columbus Museum of Art that highlight American and Euorpean modern artists, Renoir's Women is organized by interanationally recognized curator and scholar Ann Dumas and the Columbus Museum of Art.


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Renoir's Women
Auguste Renoir