press release

NEW YORK – The Paula Cooper Gallery is pleased to present Reprise, a group exhibition with works by Wayne Gonzales, Douglas Huebler, Christian Marclay, Chris Marker, Seth Price/Kelley Walker, Walid Raad, and Carey Young.

Reprise brings together works that present themselves as recordings, re-processings, duplications or reformulations. Based on materials such as negatives, sound recordings, photographs or archival documents that were initially created to record particular events (often of a historical nature), the works on view are doctored, reformatted or otherwise manipulated versions that generate new, fundamentally ambiguous readings of these events. The artists presented here not only underscore our reliance on technologies of recording (from photography, film, sound or print archives to simple note-taking) to create surrogates of past events and use them to construct particular narratives about the past; they also complicate, re-write or simply blur these narratives in order to rethink the way we forge meaning from truncated fragments of the real.

The exhibition will open on April 29, 2010 and remain on view through May 29.

Artist Pages: Wayne Gonzales, Christian Marclay, Kelley Walker, Walid Raad, Carey Young

Ort: 465 W 23rd Street

Künstler: Wayne Gonzales, Douglas Huebler, Christian Marclay, Chris Marker, Seth Price / Kelley Walker, Walid Ra´ad, Carey Young