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Reset - Contemporary Positions in Non-Objective Painting in Relation to Media Image Worlds

11 Artists and a Lecture

Eleven positions in contemporary non-objective painting will be put up for discussion under the title Reset. The theme of the exhibition is made clear in the title itself. Reset, a computer term, refers to new media and to a new world of digital imagery. With this new world a reset in painting has also taken place. It is time to ask where does non-objective painting stand today? What relevance does it still have in today's media world? Does painting concern itself with these new, media images and what can non-objective painting put forth in this context? In order to examine these questions more precisely, it is necessary to clarify whether or not new media have changed our perceptions of, and relationships to, reality and if so to what extent.

Reset presents a selection of eleven exemplary positions in contemporary painting. Within this selection there are approaches which directly refer to media imagery, whereas others are more independent. We will also attempt to address relevant questions with a lecture and discussion within the framework of the exhibition. The lecture will deal with current scientific studies on perception and the relationship between subject and reality. The participating artists will then outline their various standpoints with invited curators and critics in the subsequent working discussion. Our project attempts to understand painting as being localized less in an art historical, but rather in a larger media context.

artists: Thomas Bechinger Jus Juchtmans (B) Claudia Desgranges Ab van Hanegem (Nl) Michael Jäger Rainer Splitt Martijn Schuppers (Nl) Friedhelm Falke Paul Schwer Signe Guttormsen (De) Volker Wevers. The videoartists: Andrew Benson, Daniel Burkhardt, Robert Seidel, Matthias Müller.

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RE:SET - abstract painting in a digital world

Thomas Bechinger, Jus Juchtmans, Claudia Desgranges, Ab van Hanegem, Michael Jäger, Rainer Splitt, Martijn Schuppers, Friedhelm Falke, Paul Schwer, Signe Guttormsen, Volker Wevers, Andrew Benson, Daniel Burkhardt, Robert Seidel, Matthias Müller.