press release

rethink duality | Sofie Muller & Evelyn Loschy
In context of the VIENNA ART WEEK 2017
9.11.2017 - 13.1.2018
opening: Thursday, 9.11.2017, 18h

Artist Talk: Monday, 13.11.2017, 18h Sofie Muller & Evelyn Loschy in conversation with Stef Van Bellingen, curator

in cooperation with Geukens & De Vil Gallery

rethink duality
Different education, different background, and different working condition but Sofie Muller and Evelyn Loschy work on the same topic: construct and deconstruct the realities, they represent the duality of human existence, shaped by the recognition of what life is and the knowledge of inevitable disappearance. Rejecting traditional art forms like painting, they use methods and genres that allowed them to deconstruct the image of the body such as kinetic sculpture, sculpture installation and video.