press release

Chronicling an abstract personal account of his relationships, studio practice, and his sense of history, New York-based artist Richard Aldrich has in recent years placed himself at the forefront of a new approach to the medium that re-thinks how a painting is made, how it is experienced, and ultimately what it all means.

CAM is proud to announce the first major museum exhibition by this emerging artist, who offers a new perspective on how this most time-honored form of art can be understood. Decidedly literary and personal, Aldrich’s paintings are deeply interconnected, as he draws together elements of the studio, and the cosmos of canvas scraps and books that fill it. In his most comprehensive installation to date, CAM presents twenty paintings that span dense abstraction, figuration, “object paintings,” and collage—all which come together to showcase the startling breadth of his painterly investigations. In a special, unprecedented collaboration between CAM and the Saint Louis Art Museum, Aldrich will also present four master works from the museum’s permanent collection among his own installation.

Exploring unexpected juxtapositions between history and the present, and reframing our expectations for the quintessential “19th century French painting” through the lens of contemporary art, Aldrich produces an exhibition that reveals the magic of and new possibilities for painting today.

Richard Aldrich and the 19th Century French Painting is curated by Laura Fried, Associate Curator, and organized by CAM.

Richard Aldrich and the 19th Century French Painting
Kurator: Laura Fried