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Known for his playful, large-scale architectural interventions, Wilson isn't afraid to challenge our perception of space and the world around us. He thinks nothing of cutting a ship in half, rotating the front of a whole building, digging deep into a gallery floor to find the water table, or filling a room with oil.

For his exhibition in The Curve, Wilson takes the familiar and makes it spectacular. In his dramatic three-part installation the artist had bored holes into the well-loved icon of British motoring, the London taxi, crushed a burger van and is spinning a caravan on its axis. Richard Wilson is fascinated by spectacle, not the contemporary spectacle of media culture, but the Victorian idea of grand entertainment and public display.

Wilson's exhibition is the second of the Curve Art projects, an ongoing series of exciting new commissions by contemporary artists to create new works on a scale that is seldom available, responding to this large and unconventional gallery.

Limited edition print To celebrate the commission in The Curve, Richard Wilson has produced an exclusive limited edition print.


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Richard Wilson
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Ort: The Curve