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Rirkrit Tiravanija's Untitled 2002 (he promised), 2002, is a platform for improvisation and interaction. Rendered in highly reflective stainless steel and chrome, its structure was inspired by R. M. Schindler's residence in West Hollywood (1921–22), which exemplifies the architect's interest in the permeability of domestic space and how it is enlivened by its surrounding context. First exhibited at the Vienna Secession for a period of two months (July 1–September 5, 2002), this large-scale installation was conceived as an arena, a nexus for a series of artistic, public, and private activities—effectively blurring the boundaries that customarily separate them. From the barbecue on opening night to Thai massages, DJ sessions, film programs, and panel discussions, Untitled 2002 (he promised) embodied the experiential nature of Tiravanija's art, which requires the active participation of the viewer in order to be fully realized. Tiravanija is a catalyst and a gracious host, inviting the public to enter into and literally engage with his work. He provides the parameters but never dictates the outcome. The extended run of the show in Vienna allowed the work to become a central, albeit temporary, part of the community, where the ebb and flow of the social could occur. Art and life intersected in a milieu of pleasure and provocation.

For its premiere in New York, Untitled 2002 (he promised) will be exhibited for four days only. Though abbreviated, the installation period offers an intensive program schedule. Two of the four days will be 24-hours long, providing the public with unlimited access to the work and its programmed activities, as well as plenty of time for quiet contemplation. The exhibition is free and open to the public. The following schedule is subject to change. Please call (212) 423-3500 to confirm the time and nature of each day's activities.


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Rirkrit Tiravanija "Untitled 2002 (he promised)"
Organisation: Guggenheim Museum - New York
Ort: 275 Hudson Street