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Rodchenko & Popova: Defining Constructivism will explore the work of Alexander Rodchenko and Lyubov Popova between 1917 and 1929. Arguably two of the Russian avant-garde’s most influential and important artists, they were integral to the stylistic and theoretical underpinning of Russian Constructivism. With over 350 objects, this exhibition charts the evolution of their aesthetics from abstract painting to graphic design and will include their designs for cinema and theatre as well as numerous posters, books, and costumes.

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Rodchenko & Popova: Defining Constructivism
Alexander Rodtschenko, Ljubow Popowa
Kuratoren: Margarita Tupitsyn & Vicente Todoli

12.02.09 - 17.05.09 Tate Modern, London
24.06.09 - 20.09.09 State Museum of Contemporary Art - Thessaloniki