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The Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to present the third solo exhibition of Roe Ethridge. Roe Ethridge has recently shown at the Greengrassi gallery in London and will also participate in the statement section of Art/35/Basel. This exhibition consists of 9 photographs and a book entitled "Spare Bedroom"

"Ethridge moves through photography's own internal "typologies". [and] sees re-engaging with the range of subjects that now reside within the popular culture of photography as a conceptual gesture, a kind of post-appropriate act that recognizes the impossibility of absolute originality while still investing in photographic authorship." Kate Bush, Artforum, October 2003

In this exhibition, Ethridge lays out a framework in which the act of 'looking through' connects the images. There are a group of images that are re-photographed pages from mail order catalogues. Individual pages are laid on a light box and both sides of the pages become visible. The light passing through the page creates a double image or montage. Other images in the exhibition explore Ethridgeís continuous investigation of common subjects such as the moon, the cityscape and the portrait.

The "Spare Bedroom" book, designed and edited by the artist, borrows from the conventions of the catalogue and magazine. The book contains a disparate array of images, from travel snapshots, a series of images following a furniture commission, and pictures from the exhibition. The book creates a parallel space in which to view the images. The act of flipping through this ëmagalogueí locates the images between the realm of the generic and the original.

Ethridge's recent photographs further this dialogue by maintaining the studied precision of his earlier images and implicating them in non-linear narrative structures. Individually, his images are simultaneously iconic and enigmatic. Juxtaposed, Ethridge's combinations of images reveal other private currents.


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Roe Ethridge