press release

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of recent photographs by Roe Ethridge.

The diverse and sometimes abstruse nature of Ethridge’s imagery -- vintage movie posters, fashion models, a pink rose, a mop bucket, a concrete mixer -- originates from his direct experience of the world, which oscillates between the spontaneous and the staged with such subtlety that it is often difficult to ascertain his elected approach with regard to individual images. In this exhibition, he juxtaposes polished photographs of posed models with gritty still lifes of ashtrays and the grainy pages of a newspaper. Stairs 11 (2008),Concrete Pour 3 (2007), and Curtain Wall 10 (2010) are from a recent project commissioned by Goldman Sachs that documents the construction of the company’s new headquarters over a six-year period. The title “Le Luxe,” which he has used to title a previous exhibition and a recent monograph, is inspired by the paradoxical French phrase that alludes to the superfluity of luxury while insisting on its necessity.

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Roe Ethridge