press release

This presentation of seven works from the Museum’s permanent collections highlights the achievements of the preeminent American artist Romare Bearden (1911–1988), a renowned participant in the American Modernism movement and the Harlem Renaissance. By the time of his death, Romare Bearden had long been recognized as among the most significant artists of his era. This exhibition is organized in conjunction with the Bearden Homecoming Celebration, a citywide commemoration of the artist’s life and work hosted by more than twenty cultural institutions through March 2005. Visit The Romare Bearden Foundation for a list of programs and venues. Romare Bearden was born in North Carolina, and, although he later moved to New York, he continued to be inspired by memories of the rural South. Music also played an important role in his work, as he sought to translate the improvisatory techniques of jazz into unexpected visual rhythms. Through his signature use of collage, Bearden was able to create complex narratives that transformed his personal experiences into universal images. The Brooklyn Museum’s holdings, which will be on view through March 6, include prints, watercolors, and collages that demonstrate the depth and versatility of Bearden’s aesthetic vision.

The Romare Bearden Homecoming Celebration was conceived of and organized by the Romare Bearden Foundation, a New York–based nonprofit charitable organization.


Romare Bearden: Works from the Collection