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People are flooded by images today. With the advent of digital cameras, saving images on personal computers is a daily activity. Widespread personal blogs and recent UCCs are a sign of the rapid spreading democracy of the image-world. The easiest way to record and hold on to time, which flies too quickly, is to take pictures with digital cameras or mobile phones. This is because digital cameras are the best medium to capture the fleeting moments. We present you with Römer + Römer's collaborated works which are based on photographs that portray the mobile world of today.

Römer + Römer are an artist couple working in Berlin who have been collaborating since 1998. They were students of Professor A. R. Penck at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, where many of Germany's modern masters and young artists were born. They express the empty and alienated cityscape, various characters in large cities and deal with social issues. The canvas full of little brush strokes reminds the spectator of broken pixels from the expansion of an original image. The dotted illustration method projects the velocity of change, whilst attaching a secretive and colorful meaning to each piece. All their works embrace an unfinished touch that exists in each individual, their culture, boundaries and the change and development of large cities. None of Römer + Römer's works are finished. This unfinished state is what Römer + Römer try to portray.

Gallery HYUNDAI holds Römer + Römer: Sense of Life:, the first solo exhibition of Römer + Römer in Asia comprising their most recent works. We hope that you can emphasize with the artists' attempt and effort to reproduce photos in a continuously changing timeline, rather than a mere recreation through painting.

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Römer + Römer
Nina & Torsten Römer