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Rosa Immergruen
Bildende Kunst trifft auf Lyrik
26.05. - 03.08.2023
Opening: 25.05.2023

Group exhibition as part of the Flower Power Festival Munich

In 'Rosa Immergruen', flowers become a mirror of human thoughts and feelings: the exhibition tells how big themes such as love, transience or responsibility can be hidden behind flower motifs.

The most important moments of our lives are accompanied by flowers: births, birthdays, weddings, death. The works in the exhibition show the expansion of meaning and the artistic topicality of this motif: from the formal examination, the reflection on oneself, through socio-political to gender-specific issues. What is the flower for us today? What meaning do we give it in the future? In this context, the flower appears like an empty vessel into which everyone, whether artists or viewers, can fill their own interpretations. Physical works of art are atmospherically accompanied by lyrics set to music, which hang in the room like cotton wool. Various senses are addressed: our eyes perceive flowers, while the spoken poems acoustically ensnare the viewer and reveal our relationship to flowers.