press release


Rosalie Schweiker (*1985, Heilbronn) adopts the form of multiply initiated events and unpredictable actions to use the public presence of art institutions for engaging with the themes of the social responsibility of those creating culture and the unequal conditions prevalent in the art business. Her actions humorously create situations of encounter, where different people from a range of contexts are invited to take an active hand in her projects’ production process.

For her first solo exhibition in an institution, Rosalie Schweiker will convert the upper floor of the Bielefelder Kunstverein into a temporary, non-commercial but functional showroom for bras from size DD upwards. With her exhibition, »DD+«, she is questioning current norms, also as regards our bodies as they change with ecological influences and the shift in our categorisation of gender. For her, those questions of content can be equally transferred onto the ways the art business works and its mechanisms for exclusion. »DD+« stands for the use of art institutions as locations for collaborative, feminist and unconventional ideas. As they try on the bras on display, which have been supplied by national and international manufacturers to show their support, as well as in the course of the extensive programme of events, the exhibition invites visitors to participate in an exchange both personal and critical.

Curator: Juliane Schickedanz