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Rosalind Nashashibi lives and works in Glasgow and was the winner of the Beck’s Futures Award in 2003. Using 16mm film, video, collage, drawing and print, observation is the starting point for her work. An experience of time passing and a layering of gestures and patterns are some of the most important elements.

In film, Nashashibi’s initial idea can be a place, building or institution that bring up associations. Without being aware of what it is that is of interest, at the end of filming there will be something or nothing, not knowing the answers is an important part of the process. This exhibition focusses on Glasgow University Library in one film; and an extended Palestinian family home in another. Thinking about these two institutions illustrates two very different cultural forces, the collective goal of extended family life: the tribe, and the individualist aspirations of higher education.

‘Our lives are held together by the institutions that we create. These form models of society, worlds in themselves. I am interested in getting access to these worlds and studying what we have created and how we negotiate it and live with it.’ Rosalind Nashashibi

There will also be a selection of films chosen by Rosalind Nashashibi as pert of CCA:4’s film programme during the exhibition.


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Rosalind Nashashibi: Songs for Home and Economy