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Rose Finn-Kelcey’s installation constitutes the artist’s response to the space of Chisenhale Gallery. Made almost entirely of steam, bounded by air curtains, the work attempts to foil the hardness of its architectural context. The insubstantiality of the work results from a combination of three basic elements – air, fire and water.

Finn-Kelcey’s piece exemplifies the transformation of matter through energy. Not only visible, Finn-Kelcey’s installation impinges on other human senses such as the sound of rushing air and the feel of steam. Such interaction between the work and its audience challenges conventional notions of artistic experience.

Rose Finn-Kelcey was born in 1945 in Northampton, UK. She studied at Ravensbourne College of Art and at Chelsea School of Art, London. She currently lives and works in London.

This exhibition was organised in collaboration with Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, and Edge 92. Supported by The Henry Moore Sculpture Trust.

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Rose Finn-Kelcey