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Maria Anwander — & Ruben Aubrecht

Due to the intensified measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Kunstraum Lakeside will remain closed for the time being. This comes despite the fact that the field of culture has implemented the prevention measures of the Austrian government in an exemplary manner and, to date, infections can hardly be attributed to cultural events.

For Maria Anwander and Ruben Aubrecht, modes of collaboration are not only discussed in daily work in their studio, when they develop and implement joint art projects. Collaboration and how it manifests, the potentials and consequences of working together regularly become the actual subject of their artistic practice, whether as individual artists and or as a duo. Where does a thought originate, and who sparks it to life so that it can develop into a concept? What does it take to pursue a goal together? How can the idea of collaboration be translated to social conditions? While Maria Anwander often deals with the mechanisms, rules, and logic of the art industry in her solo work, Ruben Aubrecht explores the media and technological prerequisites and conditions of contemporary artistic production. In the end, the two find common grounds in subversion.