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Following the R.Crumb exhibition was a show with 4 large, original Blackboard drawings and 4 architectural modells by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy. As well as Crumb, Steiner was a very controversial, almost anarchistic personality with a huge creative output. He mostly worked in fields other than art, but which in many points crossed or touched art and his approach was ahead of the artistic discussion of his time. He influenced artists e.g. like Mondrian or Kandinsky. Although he died about 80 years ago, his Blackboard drawings are vivid, energetic and contemporary, and so can be meaningful and influential to us right now. He didn't consider himself to be an artist, but his drawings and sketches are obvious artistic works. Performed during talks, they have an existence of their own, apart from being an illustration and often were the most direct outcome before Steiner verbalized his ideas. I look at them as pictures which convey something essential , and show a mind free and unlimited. They have a lightness and easyness free from calculation or effect. The exhibition could be seen until August 20, 2004 (prolonged).


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Rudolf Steiner