press release

For his first exhibition at HQ Rudolf Stingel presents a series of new gold wallpaper paintings. A composition of repeated units, the mechanically reproduced paintings initially appear to be identical elements forming a homogenous whole. On closer inspection idiosyncrasies come to light, signs of corruption in the production process, signs of human input, that render them unique parts of a unique whole and the end, or rather a stage, in an organic process. Stingel works with ordinary, ubiquitous materials - wallpaper, Styrofoam, carpets in a nod towards the legacy of arte povera, seeking to demystify the figure of the artist and the artistic process. Gold is a decadent flourish, but the works stand alongside his others as attempts to disrupt the modernist monochrome and a decision to allow decoration back in. Stingel disrupts our perception of the spaces we inhabit and our perception of the spaces of exhibition, as he destabilizes the accepted hierarchy between the work and the context.


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Rudolf Stingel