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Chance Everything by Ryan Gander presents both existing work and new pieces. Gander's works are linked by a process of storytelling and by the manner in which they capture the spectator's imagination.

Gander's works in Chance Everything include, amongst other pieces, a cardigan made from the wool of feral goats living on a nearby headland and to be worn by the exhibition's invigilators; a short television commercial to promote imagination in the British public as if commissioned by the British government's Department for Business, Innovation & Skills; and a carbon copy of the artist's watch. Following his unique approach to artmaking, his works in the exhibition point to a variety of references, from the history of art and design to aspects of everyday life, and from popular culture to his own biography.

Encompassing performance, sculpture, painting and video, North Wales-based Bedwyr Williams's practice is marked by his unique brand of humour that is informed, in part, by his upbringing in Wales. Drawing from his life experiences, Williams's work, on the one hand, offers a sharp critique of our everyday world, and on the other, a relief and antidote to life's pressures.

At the heart of Williams's exhibition at MOSTYN is a full-scale re-creation of the top section of the iconic Hotel 70°, which once stood high on a cliff overlooking the nearby town of Colwyn Bay. The hotel was noted for its peculiar architecture where everything from the carpets to the stairs followed the 70° and 110° angles of the building.

Also on view is a video piece and elements from the artist's critically acclaimed exhibition The Starry Messenger, which represented Wales at the Venice Biennale in 2013.

Bedwyr Williams's exhibition has in part been supported by the Colwinston Trust.

Two solo exhibitions in conversation: Both Ryan Gander's and Bedwyr Williams's exhibition are part of the Conversation Series at MOSTYN, a series of exhibitions bringing together two artists and two solo exhibitions in conversation, curated by Adam Carr (Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN) and produced by MOSTYN. The intention is to present the dialogue collaboration and similarity in exploring themes that occur between artists, and to make this visible on the stage of the exhibition.

Ryan Gander: Chance Everything / Bedwyr Williams: Hotel 70°

Ryan Gander, Bedwyr Williams

Adam Carr