artist / participant

press release

Ryan Trecartin is widely considered to be the artist of our moment. Calvin Tompkins of the New Yorker recently dubbed him ‘a video art visionary’ whose work is full of ‘breaking news from the future.’

This Perth debut of Trecartin’s work features AGWA’s major new acquisitions, the movies Sibling Topics (section a) 2009 and CENTER JENNY 2013.

These incredibly intense and inventive works will be presented alongside four more movies:

K-CorealNC.K (section a) 2009, P.opular (section ish) 2009, Items Falls 2013, and Junior War 2013.

Screened daily, back to back, these six movies will immerse visitors in the ‘ecstatic poetics’ of Trecartin’s practice, giving them an in-depth introduction into the work of one of the most innovative and vital artists at work today.