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3# Salon: Sandro Đukić | Road Movie

7.11. – 3.12.2020

Opening: Saturday, 7.11., 11 am - 5 pm
Timeslot every 15 min / just one person / come and go
Galerie michaela stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Wien

Click here for the virtual exhibition:

In the third edition of Salon Real / Virtual, works by the Croatian artist Sandro Đukić are on display. As a new-media artist he always deals with co-relations of different media such as photography, video, computer-processing, storing, documentation and archiving data, that resemble reality exposed to this process of photographing and disclosing through media.

In the show Road Movie the artist's gaze is not only turned inwards but also directed to what is easily overlooked to the unspectacular and his analog and digital photos become documents of the past and present moment. By doing so, he applies different layers and meanings of space. Furthermore, he refers in his work to the questions of time, durance and transience.

In Salon Real Sandro Đukić shows photographs out of the series Correlation of inner images. These works demonstrates the transience of the body, relationships to other people, as well as the “inner life” of human beings and deals with the difference between image and reality, focus lies on the subjective inner reflection of the reality. The digital exhibition in Salon Virtual highlights the analogue photo series Road movie by Đukić. The monumental black and white images depicts the Icelandic landscape photographed during the artist’s residence in 1992.

Sandro Đukić Road movie < HERE:

The virtual exhibition is documented in the form of printed information brochures. At the same time, art lovers can purchase a limited signed art poster of each exhibition for € 20,-.

relaunch of a new gallery concept: real vs virtual
The focus is on a new perception of the exhibition space and the artwork displayed. The goal is to dock the real world more strongly and actively at the interface to the virtual world VIDEO SALON REAL / VIRTUAL > Click HERE: