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Both individually and in collaboration, Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder are creating some of the most innovative and engaging light works of the present time. I hesitate to say 'films', since their work, though it is grounded in an understanding and application of celluloid, goes beyond a general understanding of what film is, taking into consideration the architecture and circumstances of the performance / viewing situation and the physical and emotional presence of light itself. From the inventive ways that they create images on the film strip to the use of multiple projection that often incorporates live performance, Luis and Sandra are two of the most vital young artists working in the field of 'expanded cinema'. - Mark Webber

Completely non-representational Gibson and Recoder's work is deeply profound. Echoes of the history of the cinematic apparatus and before (particularly magic lantern), as well as an embodiment of the most breathtaking characteristics of alchemical cinema. Dense, yet wonderfully subtle, intense and exhilarating, with traces of the visual concerns of artists like Rothko, Turrell, and the sound/visual concerns of Phill Niblock. - Davi d Bryant

Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder have shown their collaborative film installations and performances at film festivals, museums, galleries, and alternative venues since 2001. They have exhibited their work at the Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC), The Kitchen (NYC), Robert Beck Memorial Cinema (NYC), Mighty Robot (Brooklyn, NY), Hallwalls Contemporary Arts (Buffalo, NY), Images Festival (Toronto, Canada), PDX (Portland, OR), Berks Filmmakers (Reading, PA), Pittsburgh Filmmakers (PA), Janalyn Hanson White Gallery (Cedar Rapids, IA), Collectif Jeune Cinema (Paris, France), International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Hartware Medien Kunst Verein (Dortmund, Germany), La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain), Museo do Chiado - National Museum of Contemporary Art (Lisbon, Portugal), Dundee Contemporary Arts (Dundee, Scotland), Youkobo Art Space (Tokyo, Japan), Image Forum Festival (Yokohama & Kanazawa, Japan).


Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder
Recent Film Installations
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