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Brooklyn, NY - This month, curator Jacob Fabricius will organize and exhibit an unusual outdoor group show on Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn. Combining conceptual art strategies and urban advertising techniques, Jacob Fabricius's Sandwiched (in New York) is a one-man, roving exhibition. From noon - 3pm each day, Fabricius will stand somewhere along Fulton Mall, wearing sandwich-board artwork made by one of the ten artists in the show. Sandwiched (in New York) is a joint project of The Wrong Gallery and Public Art Fund.

In an early description of Sandwiched (in New York), Jacob Fabricius wrote: "After living and working in Los Angeles for a couple of months, I started taking pictures of guys standing with sandwich boards. I thought, how can you stand there all day dressed up as a hot dog, or a Christmas tree? I thought that the people doing it must be desperate - because they needed the money, or because they couldn't get a "real" legal job. I took photographs of them for a while, not quite knowing why I was fascinated by these people that were most likely badly paid to dance around and look happy. Maybe it was because I was a tourist and we do not have the sandwich-board advertisement tradition in Denmark. It made me think of how these sandwich-board people - who are often illegal immigrants - were financially "sandwiched" between a piece of wood and a hard place."

Jacob Fabricius is an independent curator and publisher based in Copenhagen. In his exhibitions, Fabricius often utilizes unusual venues and innovative modes of presentation, such as a "Rent-a-bench" project he organized in Los Angeles last year featuring bus-bench artworks by 36 artists. For Sandwiched (in New York), Fabricius is interested in doing a more hands-on project where there was a direct exchange between the curator (as display case) and the artist and his or her studio work. "The sandwich board project is about getting involved directly with the public audience in the streets, testing the role of the curator, making him or her vulnerable, and examining how an artist's work can be displayed outside commercial or institutional structures."

Jacob Fabricius's Sandwiched (in New York) will take place along Fulton Mall between Adams Street and Flatbush Avenue, September 24 - October 4, noon - 3pm daily.

About The Wrong Gallery Located on 20th Street in Chelsea, The Wrong Gallery is nothing but a glass door with roughly 2.5 square feet of exhibition space behind it. A no-profit, no-budget initiative, The Wrong Gallery was created by artist Maurizio Cattelan, curator Massimiliano Gioni, and editor Ali Subotnick. In its first year of operation, and with very limited resources, The Wrong Gallery has presented works and special projects by Martin Creed, Phil Collins, Paul McCarthy & Jason Rhoades, Lawrence Weiner, Sam Durant, Elizabeth Peyton, Pawel Althamer, Adam McEwen, Isa Genzken, and Paola Pivi among others. Currently on view is a painting by Tomma Abts, and in October the gallery will present a rotating exhibition by Cameron Jamie.

The gallery is always locked, but it is available for viewing whenever the gallery next door, Andrew Kreps Gallery, is open. Please contact for further information.

About Public Art Fund The Public Art Fund is New York's leading presenter of artists' projects, new commissions, installations, and exhibitions in public spaces. With twenty-five years of experience and an international reputation, the Public Art Fund identifies, coordinates, and realizes a diversity of major projects by both established and emerging artists throughout New York City. By bringing artworks outside the traditional context of museums and galleries, the Public Art Fund provides a unique platform for an unparalleled public encounter with the art of our time.

Public Art Fund is a non-profit arts organization supported in part with public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency, and the City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs and through generous contributions from corporations, foundations, and individuals.


Public Art Fund and The Wrong Gallery present…
Sandwiched (in New York)
A project along Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn
Kurator: Jacob Fabricius

mit Bernadette Corporation, Leon Golub, Sharon Hayes, Ben Kinmont, John Miller, Aleksandra Mir, Adrian Piper, Julia Scher, Michael Snow, Valerie Tevere