press release

The show brings together two artists who explore systematic compositional tools as the foundation for their works.

Sarah Chilvers (b. 1970), lives and works in Wales. For her third exhibition at Bartha Contemporary, Chilvers is presenting a suite of paintings and drawings, which combine the artist’s exceptional sense for colour and intricate compositions. Drawn or painted on found materials, the precise nature of each work is intentionally undermined by the imperfections of their support. This interplay between the accidental and highly conceived, as well as the laborious execution result in mesmerizing works that capture the viewer’s attention and takes them on a journey of discovery, wonder and disorientation.

Originally from Italy, but living in London, Giulia Ricci’s (b. 1976) detailed abstract geometrical works combine minimal configurations with the organic quality of a free-hand drawing. Tethering on the edge of pure geometry and the hand-made, Ricci’s monochromatic works explore complex and intricate systems. Each work comes alive through Ricci’s unique technique, utilising seeming mistakes within what at first appear to be precise grid drawings. As the works reveal their distorted patterns, the viewer is drawn to different focal points that expose the carefully arranged works.

The two artists were invited to create a suite of new works that describe their shared interest in geometric abstraction. The exhibition is the first time the two artists show together.