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School of Hard Knocks comprises a group of hard hitting photographs which register their impact in the realm of the emotional as well as the physical. Ranging in date from the 1920's to the 1990's, this group show of vintage and contemporary black and white photographs captures moments of anguish, perversion, and bleakness taken by some of the medium's most respected artists and shown through a range of photographic styles: snapshot, documentary, staged compositions and montage. Walker Evans' shows us a document of Pennsylvania from the 1930's, Davidson gives us Wales in the 1960's and Thomas Annan's photogravure from the 1880's reveals a Glasgow no longer in existence. Playing against these and other images is a suite of eighteen photographs of boxers as they fight, train and sweat, taken by anonymous press photographers who came close to the ropes.


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School of Hard Knocks

mit Larry Clark, Mike Kelley, August Sander, Thomas Annan, Danny Lyon, Weegee, David Ostrem, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Arthur Rothstein and Bruce Davidson