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Sean Landers: 1991-1994, Improbable History

The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis presents the first survey of the early work of New York-based Sean Landers. This exhibition proposes that Landers' formative body of work, produced from 1991-1994, was one that defined the artist, the persona, and the conceptual conceits that he has cultivated and enriched over the course of his twenty-year career. In his characteristic, relentless articulation of emotion, at its most base and its most noble—from self-loathing, self-doubt, and humiliation, to humility, empathy, and true love—Landers explores the process of artistic creation through the invention, and simultaneous revelation, of the self.

Stephen Prina: Modern Movie Pop

For thirty years, Stephen Prina has played with the role of the artwork within cultural, art-historical, institutional, and personal networks. While his eclectic practice spans painting, installation, photography, and film, he has also released over a dozen music albums under his own name and as part of the band The Red Krayola. Having kept his artistic interests separate from his musical pursuits for decades, Prina has recently begun experimenting with new combinations and relationships. Here Prina brings together the consonant spaces of his painting, film, and music: alongside a recent sound and video installation, watercolors, and blind paintings, he presents the world premiere of his new orchestra concerto for ten musicians.

Sean Landers: 1991-1994, Improbable History and
Stephen Prina: Modern Movie Pop