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Sebastian Gögel 12/7/2008 - 5/11/2008 It is no accident that this first ever museum solo exhibition by young German artist Sebastian Gögel (b. 1978, Thuringia) is being held at the GEM. The Gemeentemuseum, right next door, spotted his talent as far back as 2006 and immediately acquired three of his paintings. A year later, it added two sculptures, both depicting sinister creatures typical of Gögel’s humorous visual idiom. The GEM now presents a powerful selection of paintings, sculptures and drawings, each of which present the world as a weird and gloomy place, full of insecurity and conflict.

Martin Eder
12/7/2008 - 9/11/2008 Provocative, almost kitschy paintings of baby animals and prototype females with perfect curves – that’s how we first saw Martin Eder’s work, in the 2007 group Netherlands / Germany - Painting / Malerei. Now, in his first ever solo exhibition in any Dutch museum, he reveals a completely different side of his work: a series of large-scale portrait photographs of practically naked women and girls who appear ravaged by life.

Thorsten Brinkmann
12/7/2008 - 5/10/2008 De Duitse kunstenaar Thorsten Brinkmann (Herne, 1971) beweegt zich binnen zijn oeuvre fantasievol tussen schilderkunst, fotografie, sculptuur, readymade, collage en performance. Het GEM presenteert zijn eerste Nederlandse solo waar onder andere een omvangrijke installatie te zien is die Brinkmann speciaal voor de tentoonstelling realiseert. Met behulp van oud tapijt, behang, meubels, vloerkleden, vaasjes en fotografische zelfportretten creëert hij een absurdistisch interieur.

Enrique Marty 12/7/2008 - 9/11/2008 This first ever solo exhibition to be given in any Dutch museum by Spanish artist Enrique Marty (b. Salamanca, 1969) can be expected to be a memorable total experience designed both to shock and to amuse. The artist combines painting, sculpture and video to create an oppressive theatrical scenario. He uses ‘snapshots’ from his personal past alongside more universal imagery familiar to us from television and newspapers.

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Sebastian Gögel / Martin Eder / Thorsten Brinkmann / Enrique Marty