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Installed in the main gallery, Seeds and Roots: Selections from the Permanent Collection will present over thirty works of art by 20th century black artists. This selection of gifts and acquisitions illustrates the depth and diversity of the Studio Museum's permanent collection as it is growing, from its first holdings to its most recent acquisitions. Paintings by Beauford Delaney and Norman Lewis, for example, are presented alongside works by David Hammons, Quentin Morris, Alison Saar and Lorna Simpson. Spanning over fifty years, these historic works explore richness of ideas and imagery of the African diaspora throughout Africa, Europe and the Americas today. Work by black artists living and working in Africa and Europe, such as Mark Brandenburg , Samuel Fosso, Chris Ofili, Tracey Rose and Malik Sidibe are also included in this unprecedented exhibition dedicated to artistic cultivation and growth.


Seeds and Roots

mit Beauford Delaney, Norman Lewis, David Hammons, Quentin Morris, Alison Saar, Lorna Simpson, Marc Brandenburg, Samuel Fosso, Chris Ofili, Tracey Rose, Malik Sidibé ...