press release

Sense & Nonsense is an adventure in which Belgian art and artists provide the inspiration. The exhibition hopes to explore the mischievous nature of Belgian art through the collision of different languages: primarily the language of the picture with the language of words. British artists have been invited to appear alongside their Belgian neighbours to generate a dialogue of shared ideas and fortuitous encounters.

The exhibition is curated by Gerry Smith.

With thanks to the Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, London; Galerie Annie Gentils, Antwerp; Michael Novy and Maria Gilissen, Brussels.


Sense & Nonsense
a dialogue between Belgian and British artists
Kurator: Gerry Smith

mit Orla Barry, David Bate, Marianne Berenhaut, Marcel Broodthaers, Glauce Cerveira, Gordon Cheung, Sandra Cross, Jean-Philippe Defaut, Els Dietvorst, William English, Aldous Eveleigh, Oona Grimes, John Guest, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Nicky Hodge, Christian Israel, Hywel Wyn Jones, Barry Kemp, John Roger King, David Lamelas, Leo , Laura Malacart, Herman Martin, David McKeran, Andrea Merciar, Susan Morris, Perry Roberts, David Robilliard, Guy Rombouts, Rombouts & Droste, Kevin Rowe, Gerry Smith, Walter Swennen, Jack Vandermissen, Angel Vergara, Bernard Villers