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Sergio Belinchón , (Valencia 1971) has in the last few years developed projects about things urban, in cities such as Rome, Paris or Madrid. Although the artist deals with different aspects his intention has always been that the work can be taken in a global way, rather than looked at individually, its entirety being about what the city means and how we live in it.

Espacio Distrito Cu4tro now presents his most recent work in “Público”, an exhibition of photographs and videos which specifically address the question of what public space means in the city.

Shot mainly in Berlin, the exhibition demonstrates different meanings of the concept of public space: a place of meetings, reunions, where someone passes by, the man in the crowd who meets the person next to him; where the public person is transmuted into an actor, having to decide what the social norms are, so that the public space is like a permanent theatre.

The photographic work shown here is about architecture and the interiors of buildings described as public, or perhaps private ones which have a collective rationale, like cinemas, museums, theatres, discotheques or airports: spaces in which people are contained.

In the images you don’t see people. The spaces are photographed empty, giving them at times an unusual aspect, perhaps the suggestion of instant flight, making you wonder what has happened or is going to happen.

The video series is a compilation of short documentary recordings, a kind of choreography showing how people define the character of a space by the mere fact of how they interact, the roles they take and the behaviour they adopt when inside it.

Of Sergio Belinchón ’s recent one man shows, those which stand out are CIUDAD in the Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona 2003, PARAISO in Galeria Luis Adelantado, Valencia 2003, SOME SPACE in the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2004, CIUDAD in the Spanish Cultural Centre in Brasilia 2004, SILOS, Abadia de Silos, MNCARS, 2004. He has also taken part in a lot of group shows: INSATIABLE DESIRES, in the Fisher Gallery in Los Angeles, 2005, ARTIFICIO, Galeria la Fabrica, Madrid 2003, and international art fairs. His work forms part of the collections of the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, the Fonds Nationale d’art Contemporaine in France, Los Angeles, and the Museo Artium o Musac (Museo Castilla y Leon).


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Sergio Belinchon: Publico