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Brent Sikkema will present a solo exhibition of new work by Shahzia Sikander. For this exhibition Sikander will present new work on paper and new work in digital narrative format.

Sikander’s work plays and flirts with the tradition of Indo-Persian Miniature Painting to create a dialogue with the form and explore its relevance within contemporary expression. This act of painting is also a very conceptual activity, focusing on issues between scale and labor, precision and gesture, norm and its transgression. Images from the traditional genre are included with images from day to day; news, TV, newspaper, magazines, and the personal.

The digital process is yet another way to explore both formal and subjective issues within the tight parameters of miniatures. Combining a non-traditional medium with a traditional genre builds a relationship between present and past, space and dimension, issues of narrative and time and the notion of translation.

Shahzia Sikander has exhibited extensively, including The Asia Society (2-person, 2002), ArtPace, San Antonio (solo, 2001), Whitney Museum at Philip Morris (solo, 2000) and The Hirschorn Museum (Solo, 1999)


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