press release

with Aleksandra Bielas, Sonja Cvitkovic, Sofia Duchovny, Gernot Wieland

Opening: 29.06.2018 19:00
Exhibition: 30 June – 2 September 2018

8.30 pm Welcome: Nicole Nowak (Executive director) Greeting: Carmen Emigholz (Staatsrätin, Senator für Kultur, Bremen) Introduction: Nadja Quante (Artistic director)

9.30 pm Reading by Aleksandra Bielas 10 pm Performance by Sonja Cvitkovic

Under the title SHAME the group exhibition presents four artists that, in their practice, show a link to the subject of shame. Shame is an affect that regulates the adaptation to social norms: the subject feels insufficient if not meeting the internalised expectations of a social group. The persons who feel shame see themselves through the eyes of the other as insufficient or failed. In doing so the feeling of shame points to the border between what is publicly accepted in society and what is banned to the personal or private sphere. What effect does it have when what the majority regards as shameful is brought to the public in a conscious act? What does it mean when feelings that were once shameful are suddenly accepted in society? How have the borders of shame shifted through the social media?

Aleksandra Bielas, Sonja Cvitkovic, Sofia Duchovny and Gernot Wieland present new works in sculpture, installation, drawing, text, sound and video that question the relation between the individual and society, public and private, conformism and deviance.

In cooperation with PiK (Projektraum im KunstWerk), Cologne.
Kindly supported by:
Hypo Kulturstiftung

In the context of this exhibition the architecture in the entrance area of the gallery will be launched. This was designed by the architect Thomas Rustemeyer based on the results of a workshop on needs and wishes for the spatial situation oft the Künstlerhaus with the team and friends of the Künstlerhaus.
Kindly supported by Enno Roggemann GmbH & Co. KG.

Accompanying Programme
Tuesday, 10 July
6 pm Curator’s tour with Nadja Quante
7 pm Lecture by Katrin Köppert (UdK, Berlin): „S is for Shame which is a very important queer feeling.“ – Queere Politiken der Scham Ann Cvetkovich & Karin Michalski: The Alphabet of Feeling Bad
Sunday, 26 August, 2 pm Guided tour with Undine van Elsberg
Wednesday, 29 August, 7 pm Lecture Performance by Sofia Duchovny (EN)
Sunday, 2 September, 3 pm Lecture Performance by Gernot Wieland