press release

She's Here is a collaborative exhibition project between Fotogalleriet and Kamarade, a Stockholm based exhibition programme run by artist Anna Kleberg and curator Amelie Edlund. The collaboration will take place in form of two exhibitions, from 8 - 13 May at Kamarade and 25 May – 25 June at Fotogalleriet.

Participating artists are Antoinette Aurell (US), Anne Daems (B), Cecilia Edefalk (SE), Icelandic Love Cooperation (IS), Anna Kleberg (SE), Jenny Källman (SE) and Kaja Leijon (NO).

The exhibition She's Here brings together internationally recognized artists that address notions of representation and the construction of an identity in relation to the female body. Specific, idealized images of women surround us everyday through the constant picture flow in the Internet, television and through other tools of communication. In what ways can contemporary artists present an alternative space and idea about the representation of women?

The artists presented in She’s Here address such questions through the photographic image, playing with modes of representation from the fields of film, fashion and the history of art. The majority of the works have been specifically produced for the exhibitions in Stockholm and Oslo.

A catalogue will be published in connection with the exhibition including an essay by Peter Wächtler. The catalogue is designed by Maja Kölqvist. The exhibition at Fotogalleriet is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and the Embassy of Sweden, Oslo.

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Kuratoren: Anna Kleberg, Amelie Edlund

Künstler: Antoinette Aurell, Anne Daems, Cecilia Edefalk, Icelandic Love Corporation , Anna Kleberg, Jenny Källman, Kaja Leijon.