press release

Shirin Neshats spellbinding dual screen film Turbulent features the extraordinary voice of Iranian singer Sussan Deyhim who delivers a haunting and ancient vocal landscape. Deyhims remarkable voice, which combines throat singing, chanting and tonal sonics, seems to break apart the very earth itself, sending birds flying and waterfalls rushing, as it contours the primordial longing of hidden female cultures.

Deyhims soundscape is a romantic journey into a deep zone that searches for universal metaphors to evoke language. Deyhims voice is hyper-real, surreal and timeless. Turbulent evokes the divide between the sexes and provokes a debate about the desiring power of the feminine within Arabic cultures. To encounter Turbulent is to encounter life unleashed. This truly mesmerising work will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Shirin Neshat