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The great German artist was among the foremost figures in the field of painting of the past fifty years. While Polke participated fully in the major currents of the art of his time – from Pop art and conceptual art to Fluxus – he also profoundly renewed the pictorial language of the late twentieth century. His has had a relentless appetite for experimentation, which extended as much to the images, and the way he put into question their hierarchical position and interrogated their mode of presentation, as to their supports, which he activated to the point of making them a constituent part of the work, and to the colours, whose physical and visual potentialities he excavated. Polke revitalized the subversive power of art by destabilizing the mechanisms of perception and unsettling genres and categories.

Through the different media he used, the exhibition will set out to show the scope of his explorations undertaken with an extraordinary capacity for renewal and an innate sense of iconoclasm. It will focus on his production in the last three decades of his life, after the profound shift in his painting at the beginning of the 1980s, and testify to the very great coherence underlying and informing the apparent diversity in his experimentation.

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Sigmar Polke