press release

OPENING: Saturday 23 May, 17.00 – 20.00 hours

between 17.15 - 18.00 hours the artist is put under hypnosis to comment his works without knowing he is the artist

At his exhibition Charles and the Mutes Sigurdur Gudmundsson will be hypnotized at 17.15 hours on Saturday 23 May 2009 having been told by a professional hypnotist that he has never heard of the exhibiting artist exhibiting in the gallery and that he sees these works for the first time. The hypnotist will give him the name 'Charles' who is a connaisseur of contemporary art. He has been told to express his thoughts and opinion in public about each work which he may like or dislike. During the hypnosis 'Charles' does not recognize any of the visitors until he is put out of hypnosis at six 'o clock sharp, after which Sigurdur Gudmundsson does not remember anything of what Charles has said.

Sigurdur Gudmundsson
Charles and the Mutes