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Simon Carroll (b1964) is known for his exuberant, often challenging ceramic vessels. Uniquely expressive, his pots deconstruct the history of ceramics, particularly Staffordshire slipware. He draws inspiration from an eclectic range of sources including Elizabethan ruffles, sombreros, Cornish wind-farms, Henri Matisse and his own experience of working on the land. Intuitively constructed, the vessels are anarchic, breaking all conventions of the highly finished form. Walls crack, bases list, classic lines are pummeled, references deliberately clash, surfaces are inconsistent. Equally informed by his print-making and large-scale raked beach drawings, mark-making is a vital element of the artist's language. The build up of surfaces which are richly painted or dripped with slips and glazes, are energetic and engage with a surreal wit. CarrolĀ“s vessels challenge the boundaries of ceramic practice, and move towards sculptural form whilst indulging in the sheer joy of making.


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Simon Carroll